NSolVx – The new face of NSol!

NSol! has been the standard for sizing off-grid PV and PV-generator hybrid power systems for more than 20 years.  Now, NSol! has been completely redesigned to enable detailed, accurate system design across a wide range of applications. 

NSolVx features include:

NSolVx main screen

v  All new user interface – all major sizing functions are on the one screen, allowing even quicker evaluation of system options.  No more opening separate windows to change components and then closing them to view the result.  Simply select the appropriate tab, change the component and view the system result on the summary screen

v  Quick sizing – once you have selected a site, chosen components, set basic system factors and selected an array tilt, you can size a system by clicking on the [Auto PV] and [Auto Batt] buttons.

v  Loss-of-Load-Probability Analysis – no more guessing about battery size.  The advanced LOLP statistical analysis shows you the exact effects of increasing battery and array sizes in standalone PV systems.

v  Expanded insolation database – Now includes NASA data for every integer latitude and longitude.  Internation Sites now include temperature data.

v  Component Databases -- User modifiable databases for PV modules, batteries, controllers (new) and inverters (new).  A new database structure allows quick searching, sorting and filtering of data.

v  Updated component analysis – now includes MPPT controllers and advanced inverters (new).

v  Updated hybrid analysis – includes both DC-Bus and AC-Bus hybrids (new).  Also includes operation to force daily generator operation (new).

v  Updated reporting – reports now include even more information and allow inclusion of a personalized logo (new) as well as customized company contact information.

v  Improved export of data – There are nine different graphs and tables -- now you can right-click on the graphs to copy them to the clipboard, and right click on the data tables to copy them into a spreadsheet (new).  You can also export a detailed data set for further analysis.  It is easier than ever to Use NSolVx to generate propsals and system manuals.

v  Grid-Tied systems – NSolVx now integrates grid-tied system design into the same user interface that made NSol! famous.  Select a site, a module and an inverter from the database, click on [Auto PV] and the program will automatical do string calculations to determine the optimal number of modules in series and parallel.