Pricing Change and upcoming versions

After seven years, we are changing the pricing structure of NSolVx.  Effective 1 July 2019, each new user must purchase a separate license for the software.  Existing users are not affected.

The original idea for the “dual installation” feature was to allow a single user to install on both a desktop and a laptop.  In practice, however, most users simply treat it as a "two-for-one” deal, and since dual-compter setups are no longer common, I decided to end this practice.

I am also working on a full update to the program.  The new version “NSolV8” will include support for AC Bus Systems (such as Sunny Island Systems) as well as a number of other improvements and fixes.  When this is released, existing users will be be required to move to individual licenses rather than the existing “two per serial number."  The price for the software upgrade has not yet been determined, but will be based on the purchase date of the original NSolVx software.

-Doug Danley