Notice: Effective 1 July 2019, the US$199 price of NSolVx will include installation on one computer only.  This means that each user must purchase a separate license.  Existing users are not affected.  There are no quantity discounts.

Purchase and download NSol! today to join a community of productive and informed solar engineers.

Products must be purchased via PayPal™. This can be done with a credit card — you do not need a PayPal Account.

In order to purchase a single user license for NSol!, send an email to nsolpv@verizon.net

We will send PayPal™ invoice.  Once the invoice is paid, a serial number will be assigned.  The user will then send in an activation requisition with the serial number and the unique MachineID.  These numbers will be used to generate an activation code which will allow program operation.

Download NSol! 

NSolVx Full Version -- US$199

NSolVx Demo Version - 30 days unlimited use